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I think I finally got the nasty bug that I hoped to avoid. I am actually quite surprised it took so long, with Jonah, Guin, and Chad all sick. It is most definitely in my sinuses, so I am not uncomfortable, and even feel that I should be at work. But I am constantly coughing and have a nasty sounding voice thanks to the post-nasal drip. I am going to the doctor's at 3 today, and will probably end up with Amoxicillin or Augmenten. Yay for me.

My dad and I, with Jonah in tow, went to the airport on Friday, and somehow totally underestimated how much time it would take to get there. We got to the airport a little before 2, and our flight left at 2:20. As nice as the airport personnel were, we just didn't make it. The one casualty was my bag of liquids, as I misunderstood and packed them in a gallon ziploc instead of a quart. We had no time to pick through it, so it all went away. And we missed the plane anyway! When we went back to try to retrieve it, we learned that it was already in a dumpster somewhere. Oh well. The only thing I was truly sorry about was my spare pair of contacts.

Then we managed to get a flight at 5:30 that turned out to be from Portland to Sacramento instead of the other way around. We ended up waiting until 7:00 for the correct flight. We did get to see a bunch of soldiers come home from Iraq after a year and a half. I felt so grateful to them as I watched them pass by. My dad even went up to a few and thanked them, as so many other people were doing.

Jonah was such a wonderful baby the whole time. No fussing at all. I think he was happy to be with mama and grandpa for that long.



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