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Day 2 at home

I was feeling better this morning, but I still have a hoarse voice. Now I have sudden explosive coughs due to tickles in my throat -- probably my least favorite cold symptom. I had to go get Jonah yesterday because he had a fever. So when I went to the doctor (and got Augmenten...woo hoo!), I asked her to check his ears. They were fine, which made me so glad. And his fever pretty much went away yesterday evening. Unfortunately, when Chad took the kids to daycare they wouldn't take him because the fever has to be gone for 24 hours. Good thing I stayed home anyway. Now we are just chillin'.

My grandma's memorial service was so nice. There were some nice songs, a pastor talked a little bit, and my mom got up and shared some memories that my grandma had written in a journal about when she was young. It showed me a side to her I had never seen before. She was a wild child!

Afterward we went to the grave site and the pastor read Psalm 23 (I think) -- The Lord is my shepherd... My mom and her siblings were seated next to the casket. It was rainy and cold, so most people who came out didn't stay long. The siblings stayed until she was buried. I didn't realize that they put the casket into a "vault" before putting it into the ground. The rest of the afternoon was spent with relatives, remembering the good times. It was a really nice day.


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Oct. 18th, 2006 04:18 pm (UTC)
I am glad that the service was good :) You see that on alot of movies. where its raining. I know when my grandpa was living he said he wanted to be die when it was snowing...and what would you know. It snowed. Its not common in North Carolina. I mean every once in a while..but thats it. (well, were i live..southren). Anyways, I am glad that it went ok. I didn't know that either. Everyone i know was buried far away from here. Sorry to hear about ya'll being sick. I think it's better for everyone to get sick at the same time..this way your not going to keep giving it back to someone..But, i hate being sick. i really dont think anyone likes it though..haha. I hope you Feel Better :)

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