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No more sickies!

Jonah was showing symptoms of an ear infection last night and Guinevere has been coughing. I sooooo hope they are not getting sick again! I am still on the Augmenten, and I almost feel normal again.

Jonah had ear issues the night after the memorial service for my grandma, and we put some olive oil and garlic into his ears. Then my brother-in-law, Paul, ran to the store to get him some infant tylenol. Thanks to those, he slept well enough on Saturday night. Sunday we flew back to Sacramento and drove my dad's car home. Paul was the one almost late for his flight. My sister forgot the tickets, and since he is in the Navy, and had a special ticket, he needed the paper ticket to get on the plane. Luckily we were only 15 minutes from the airport, and I got the bright idea to call my uncle to bring the ticket instead of my mom going, getting it, and bringing it back. Great idea, except my uncle decided to stop for gas on the way! The lady who he checked in with believed him, and so he got on the plane ok. If he had had to wait he wouldn't have made it. We got the ticket to the counter and showed her about 2 minutes before the plane took off!

Because Paul is in the Navy, my sister and parents got to go to the gate, and stayed with me until the plane boarded. Paul was deployed the next day, so he had to be back!

I got home ok, with one pit stop for gas and to nurse Jonah. He was not happy with the car seat. I was so pleased that he slept almost the whole flight home, and had no problems with his ears. I think the problems came on the ride home, though, because he cried almost the whole way.

The next evening my parents got into town -- they drove home with my sister -- and my dad took the car home. IT did not make the 20 minute drive -- the transmission went out halfway there. I was so thankful that it made it all the way from Sacramento with me driving!

Jonah is pulling himself up already! Pretty soon he will be cruising, and then walking will follow. I can't believe he is growing up so fast! He is also taking to solid food much more than Guinevere. His nipple-pickiness has also returned. He usually refuses the bottle at daycare. Today he actually drank some, but I think it's because he was a little under the weather and wanted the comfort, even if it was plastic. Since he will be my last (that I know of), it is kind of bittersweet. But I will have my sisters' babies to look forward to also.

Speaking of Jonah being my last, Chad is going in for his first consultation with the doctor to get snipped. We love both children, and wouldn't trade them for anything, but we are now done, and feel our little family is complete.


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Oct. 24th, 2006 04:44 pm (UTC)
Here's to healthy kids! Bo is finally over the cold that he's had for a month. I am so glad that I don't have to hold him down and suck his nose clean anymore. He really hates the aspirator and will literally run away from me when he sees me coming at him with it. I can't wait until he's old enough to blow his own nose. :)
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