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Solid foods here we go!

Jonah is in love with his little jars of food. He gives them his little bird call instead of me. He is already growing up. *sigh*

We just started feeding him in earnest last week, and he can't get enough. He likes almost everything we give him. So far he has had rice cereal, bananas, peaches, pears, goat milk yogurt, peas, sweet potatoes, and applesauce. He's not crazy about plain yogurt -- too sour for him, I guess.

He is practically crawling -- he moves one hand forward, but not the other.

Guinevere has her grandma home for a little while, and she loves it. She says more every day. Today is Ella (her cousin), grandma, and bad dog.

Antibiotics are a mixed blessing

Guin just had the last of her medicine last night, and Jonah is working on finishing his up. They sure did make the kids better fast, but poor Jonah has diarrhea now. I can't wait until it is over! He is almost sleeping through the night again. It is amazing how long it takes to get back to "normal." He was in his crib until 6:30 this morning, and probably would have slept all night if Guin hadn't thrown a tantrum in the middle of the night and woken him up.

I am doing research on local day-cares because now that I have taken the purchasing manager position my boss wants to know if there are any less pricey options than where we are now. While I completely understand (since they are paying for it, they want the best deal), I don't really want to leave this one. We might try to make it work where they pay us a lower amount and we make up the difference, but I don't know if we can swing that either. It is so frustrating! I don't know how people pay for daycare on their own, and I can totally see why some people decide to get by on one income so they don't have to pay for daycare. It is expensive!

On a happier note, Jonah is so close to crawling we can taste it. He gets around pretty well now; inch-worming his way around. He has started saying dadadadadada, which is so cute! His 6 month appointment won't be until the day before he turns 7 months, which is a little irritating, but at least I got his stats when I went to WIC.

WIC and job stuff

I took the kids to WIC yesterday where they were weighed and measured. Jonah, at a week shy of 6 months, was 16 lbs 10 oz and 26". Guin, at 26 1/2 months, was 31 lbs and 35". He was right at the 50th percentile.

The person I've been training quit today, so they offered me the job again. This time, though, they told me to tell them what it would take for me to take the job. I am seriously thinking about it.

Stolen from taraw226

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From Go-Quiz.com

I wasn't going to post it, but it was just too funny!

Sick babies are not fun!

Guin and Jonah are both sick. Guin coughs at night, waking herself and us up. Jonah has a stuffy nose, which makes nursing difficult. I think they both have sore throats. We didn't get very much sleep last night. Both babies ended up in bed with us more than once, and we even had some awake time there.

Jonah has started eating solid foods. He was lunging for my food, so I decided to start. He had some rice cereal mixed with breast-milk 4 or 5 times, and tonight he had applesauce. He loved it -- made the suck-the-food-in noise, then blew raspberries and some of it came back out. Then we had a nice bath -- the first one where he just chilled in the tub without being concerned about where he was. I didn't want to take him out, but he was getting cold.

We rearranged the living room a little -- just switched the couch and tv to opposite sides, but it has really opened up the room. The dining room table fits better into its space too. I am so excited to have a 3-day weekend! And my mom is home until the 10th! It is so nice to see her. My grandma is hanging in there, and my mom is getting worn out between taking care of her and wanting to be here with her grand-babies. My grandma might get moved to Hospice soon.

My sister is finally getting over the worst of her morning sickness, but still has some exhaustion she is dealing with.

Pumping Woes

My wonderful breast pump decided to break on me. The motor randomly cuts out or won't start. I had to return it to the company so they could replace it. They already replaced the cord thinking that was it, to no avail. So, I called WIC, having remembered that they let clients borrow pumps. I have this huge old pump that is actually quieter than mine. The only downside is that I have to hold both sides. My pump had a piece that connected both sides so I had one hand free.

I used it for the first time this morning, and was rather concerned at the (lack of) results. I only got 3 oz, where I usually get 5 or 6. But my other 2 pumps today went about as well as they normally do, so I was heartened at that.

My neck has been having problems for about a week. First I had a pinched nerve on the left side. Then I had one on the right. Now they switch back and forth, and sometimes both sides hurt. I can barely turn my head some days. I think it might be my pillow. I got a gift certificate for a local spa, and I will definitely be using part of it for a massage to try to help with that.

Guin and Jonah are doing very well at daycare. Guin is back at her regular place, and is really blossoming. Jonah was there on Monday and Tuesday, and went to the other daycare (where Guin went last week) yesterday and today. He is just pleased as punch to be anywhere. He is such a flirt, and smiles at anyone who will pay any attention to him. They are both so sweet.

Staying Home

I haven't taken a sick day in a while. It was kind of nice to just hang around the house with Jonah today, even though I felt awful -- still do. My head hurts when I move, and I keep putting my chin to my chest just to make sure I still can. I think Jonah might be coming down with it. He put himself to sleep in the crib this morning and slept for 2 hours. He hasn't slept that long at a time during the day for a long time. He is still sweet as ever, though.

We found out about an emergency nursery/daycare we can take the kids to next week when their regular one is closed. My cousin was going to do it, but she is having marital issues, and we thought this would be a good alternate so that she didn't need to come down if she wanted to try to work things out. Now I find out that they had a huge fight and she is coming down today. Maybe we will send Guin there and Nancy can watch Jonah. Or maybe she can go back up there if she needs to without having to worry about watching our kids.

I watched the 1st 2 episodes of the 2nd season of Weeds today. That show just keeps getting better and better. There are few shows we watch regularly, and Monk, Weeds, and Psych (just me) are the top 3. We have also managed to catch the Who Wants to Be a Superhero show, which is pretty interesting. Tonight is Monk and Psych night.

My mom says that my grandma's condition is up and down -- she'll have some really good days, then she starts saying nonsensical things, which apparently means her ammonia levels are up too high. I continue to pray for all of them up there.


I woke up ok, but got chills and then a fever today. It just came out of nowhere. I probably won't go to work tomorrow. Yay.

So long happy goodbyes

Guinevere has figured out that when she goes to daycare we leave. As a result she has been very reluctant to let us go in the mornings. She is fine once we leave, though. Jonah is still waking up in the middle of the night, but now I am wondering if it has to do with teething.

My breast pump is kind of broken. A couple of mornings ago it stopped and started again near the end of my 10 minutes, so I called the company. They said to try with batteries so they could determine what part needed to be replaced. It works fine on batteries, so they are replacing the cord. I have been using the batteries instead of the cord until we get the new one, and was wondering why my supply suddenly went way down. I finally figured out today that it's not me; it's the pump. The batteries just don't produce enough oomph to suck the milk out, so I had to turn it almost all the way up to get any results. I think I will try my luck with the cord from now on.

Guin slept through the night last night...yay!

My sister is too sick to watch Jonah, so my grandma is helping this week, and I am going to ask my cousin if her friend can come with her next week so Jonah can be with them. My mom might be coming home for a little while too, if my other grandma keeps doing ok like she has been. Some days are good and some are bad, but she is hanging in there.

Jonah has been getting himself to sleep more with the help of the binky. What a sweet little man he is. Yesterday he guzzled 28 oz of milk at daycare, plus nursing from me in the morning, at lunchtime, and after work, and hardly slept at all. Today he drank hardly anything and slept a lot. I'm thinking growth spurt.

Where's the routine?

We are in Danville right now. Guinevere's whole routine disappeared yesterday, and she wasn't very happy about it. We got to daycare yesterday and everyone was outside instead of in the room with the fan. She didn't want me to leave for the first time since she started going on Monday.

Then we picked her up early to get going before rush hour, which she was very ok with. She was up from her nap, and happy with life. We drove down 5 and went through Tracy; stopping at the outlet mall of course. We got to my friends' house at 7. Guinevere was great the whole way down, and very sociable with Karin. As soon as she saw Jake, it all changed. She cries every time she sees him. I guess that since she is taken care of by women at the daycare she has become more used to them, but is still scared of men, especially men she doesn't know very well.

We brought the porta-crib for Jonah and Guin's mattress for her, since Karin and Jake have a full bed, which doesn't bode well for a family of four. Since they are used to sleeping in their own beds, it went fairly well. Jonah actually woke up a few times, however, probably because he was in a different bed in a different place. I was up every 2 hours between him and her. Chad woke up at 12:30 when Guin did, and couldn't get back to sleep until 3:30.

Wireless internet connection is great! We can just use whatever wireless router happens to be around and get online.